6. Resources

This page has the following sections:
6.1 Food System Assessment Reports
6.2 Community Food Assessment Reports
6.3 Food Ordinances
6.4 School Food Local Procurement Practices
6.5 Interative U.S. maps – Urban Agriculture Zoning, Food Sovereignty Plans, Food Policy Councils
6.6 Links

6.1 Food System Assessment Reports
“A Food System Assessment is a comprehensive “picture” of the way a particular community grows, processes, distributes, consumes, and disposes/reuses its food.” – Garrett, S.
Read more: Growing a Community Food System – Garrett and Feenstra, 1999.

Here is a Google Map showing locations of some food system assessment reports
Created by Mari Pierce-Quinonez, Tufts University

More reports are available from the following links
Ohio (2011) — www.crcworks.org/ohfood.pdf
“Ohio’s Food Systems: Farms at the Heart of it All” (for University of Toledo & Ohio Department of Agriculture)
Arkansas (2011) — www.crcworks.org/crcdocs/arksum11.pdf
“Arkansas Farm and Food Economy” (for Heifer Project International)
Minnesota (2009) — www.crcworks.org/mnfood.pdf
“Mapping the Minnesota Food Industry” (for Center for Prevention)
New Mexico (2009) — www.crcworks.org/crcdocs/nmsum09.pdf
“New Mexico Farm and Food Economy” (for New Mexico Acequia Association, also used by Bioneers in “Dreaming New Mexico”)
Manitoba (2009) — www.crcworks.org/crcdocs/mbsum09.pdf
“Manitoba Farm and Food Economy” (for Food Matters Manitoba)
Western North Carolina (2007) — www.crcworks.org/asapsum.pdf
“Western North Carolina Farm and Food Economy” (for Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, used in their food system assessment)
California (2004) — www.crcworks.org/ffcal.pdf
“Finding Food in California” (for Vivid Picture Project)
Southeast Minnesota (2001) — www.crcworks.org/ff.pdf
“Finding Food in Farm Country” (for Community Design Center and Experiment in Rural Cooperation)

6.2 Community Food Assessment Reports
“A Community Food Assessment is a collaborative and participatory process that systematically examines a broad range of community food issues and assets, so as to inform change actions to make the community more food secure.”
From: What’s Cooking in Your Food System: A Guide to Community Food Assessment – Pothukuchi , Joseph, Burton, and Fisher, 2002.

Sample Reports
A Food Systems Assessment for Oakland, CA: Toward a Sustainable Food Plan
Greater Philadelphia’s Food System Plan
A guide to community food projects

6.3 Food Ordinances
Local Food Ordinance (Food Sovereignty) – Town of Sedgwick, ME (replicated in half a dozen other municipalities from MA to VT to CA)

6.4 School Food Local Procurement Practices
Missouri Farm to School Survey Details
The Real Food Challenge baseline Assessment
Urban & Environmental Policy Institute’s Publication – “Bearing Fruit: Farm to School Program Evaluation Resources and Recommendations”
Vermont Farm to School

6.5 Interative U.S. Maps
Urban Agriculture Zoning Map
Food Sovereignty Plans
Food Policy Councils

6.6 Links
Philadelphia Based
Slow Food Philadelphia
Philadelphia Food Charter
Philadelphia Healthy Food Network (click below)

Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local

Agriculture Justice Project:
A Food Justice certification program for all who labor in agriculture
Alternative Agriculture Network: A blog from Thailand
Association of Farmwarker Opportunity programs: Blog
Brazilian Landless Workers Movement
Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
Civil Eats: A multi-author blog promoting critical thoughts about sustainable agriculture and food systems
Clean Green Farm and Market
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Community Food Security Coalition
Community to Community Development

Cooking Up a Story: A show about people, food, and sustainable living
Crossroads Resource Center: Tools for Community Self-Determination
D.C. Farm to School Network
Environmental Protection Agency: A number of useful links from the EPA
Eric Holt Gimenez Blogs in Hiffington Post
Grist: Environmental news and green living tips from Grist, the most recognizable voice in environmental journalism
Local Dirt: Everyone’s place to buy, sell, and find local food
Food Corps
Food First
Food in Jars: A blog dedicated to canning and preserving
Food Justice: A blog about the book by Gottlieb and Joshi
Food + Tech: Connecting food and tech innovators
Good Food Jobs: A food related job search engine
Growing Power
Healthy Corner Store Network
Just Harvest USA
Know Where Your Food Comes From
Local Food as Community Economic Development
Local Harvest: Use the website to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
National Family Farm Coalition
National Farm to School Network
National Immigrant Farming Initiative
Nourish: Educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability
Pesticide Action Network
Project CAFE
Real Food Challenge
Slow Food
Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Funders
Sustainable Food Center
TEDxFruitvale: Harvesting Change
The Food Project
US Food Sovereignty Alliance
Via Campesina
Worldwatch Institute: Analyzes interdisciplinary environmental data from around the world, providing information on how to build a sustainable society


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