5. Research

The following lists of readings (research studies and projects, book chapters, and jornal articles) have specific focus on Philadelphia and its metro region.

5.1 Research Studies and Projects
a. Greater Philadelphia’s Food System Plan
By Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

b. Urban Farming Harvest Reports: Camden | Philadelphia | Trenton
By Domenic Vitiello, Michael Nairn, Jeane Ann Grisso, and Noah Swistak

c. Food Insecurity and Spatial Inequality in Philadelphia’s Lower-Income Neighborhoods: Analyzing the Role of Community Gardens
By Mahbubur Meenar and Brandon Hoover

d. Sustainability in Philadelphia: Community Gardens and Their Role in Stormwater Management
By Kevin Levy

e. The Abandoned City: Data Explorer – Vacant Parcels in Philadelphia
By Tim Wisniewski

f. Vacant Land Management in Philadelphia
By EConsult Corp.

g. A Blueprint for a Hunger-Free Pennsylvania
By Inter-Agency Council on Food and Nutrition, PA USDA

5.2 Books and Book Chapters
2012. Meenar, M. Feeding the Hungry: Food Insecurity in Lower Income Communities. In 
Reid, N., Gatrell, J. and Ross, P. (eds.) Local Food Systems in Old Industrial Regions. Surrey, England: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 71-91.

2012. Kremer, P. et al. Defining Local Food Systems. In Reid, N., Gatrell, J. and Ross, P. (eds.) Local Food Systems in Old Industrial Regions. Surrey, England: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

2011. Esposito, N. Seeds of Discent: A Novel. Philadelphia: Bobcat Coveside Books.

2010. Gottlieb, R. and Joshi, Anupama. Food Justice. Cambridge: The MIT Press. (A Philadelphia Story, Chapter 7, 151-176)

2008. Vitiello, D. Growing Edible Cities. In Birch, E. and Wachter, S. (eds.) Growing Greener Cities: Urban Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 259-277.

2005. Lawson, L. City Bountiful: A Century of Community Gardening in America. Berkeley: University of California Press. (Section on Philadelphia Green, 253-257)

2004. Kaufman, J. and Bailkey, M. Farming Inside Cities Through Entrepreneurial Urban Agriculture. In Greenstein, R. and Sungu-Eryilmaz, Y. (eds.) Recycling the City. Cambridge: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 177-199. (Section on Greensgrow Farm)

2002. Bonham, J., Spilka, G, and Rastorfer, D. Old Cities/ Green Cities: Communities Transform Unmanaged Land. Chicago: American Planning Association. (Chapter 6, 7, 8 are based on Philadelphia, 71-114.)

5.3 Journal Articles
2012 (forthcoming). Meenar, M. and Hoover, B. Community Food Security via Urban Agriculture: Understanding People, Place, Economy, and Accessibility from a Food Justice Perspective. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.

2012. Kremer, P. and Schreuder, Y. The Feasibility of Regional Food Systems in Metropolitan Areas: An Investigation of Philadelphia’s Foodshed. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, http://dx.doi.org/10.5304/jafscd.2012.022.005

2011. Kremer, P. and DeLiberty, T. L. Local Food Practices and Growing Potential: Mapping the Case of Philadelphia. Applied Geography, doi:10.1016/ j.apgeog.2011.01.007

2011. Younga, C., Karpyna, A., Uya, N., Wicha, K., and Glyna, J. Farmers’ Markets in Low Income Communities: Impact of Community Environment, Food Programs and Public Policy. Community Development, 42(2),208-220.

2010. Travaline, K. and Hunold, C. Urban Agriculture and Ecological Citizenship in Philadelphia. Local Environment, 15(6), 581-590.

2008. Giang, T., Karpyn, A., Laurison, H., Hillier, A., and Perry, R. Closing the Grocery Gap in Underserved Communities: The Creation of the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative. Journal of Public Health Management Practice, 14(3), 272-79.

2008. Rose-Jacobs, R., Black, M. M., Casey, P. H., Cook, J. T., Cutts, D. B., Chilton, M., et al. Household Food Insecurity: Associations With At-Risk Infant and Toddler Development. Pediatrics, 121(1), 65-72.

2007. Chilton, M. and Booth, S. Hunger of the Body and Hunger of the Mind: African American Womenʼs Perceptions of Food Insecurity, Health and Violence. Journal of nutrition education and behavior, 39(3), 116-25.

2007. Dunham, I. Urban Gardening in Philadelphia. Middle States Geographer, 40, 62-67.

2002. Casey, L. and Pederson, T. Mapping Philadelphia’s neighbourhoods. In Craig, W. et al. Community Participation and Geographic Information Systems. London: Taylor & Francis, 65-76.

2000. Hanna, A. and Oh, P. Rethinking Urban Poverty: A Look at Community Gardens. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 20(3), 207-216.

1991. Blair, D., Giesecke, C. and Sherman, S. A Dietary, Social and Economic Evaluation of the Philadelphia Urban Gardening Project. Journal of Nutrition Education, 23(4), 161-67.


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