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If you would like to participate in this portal, please email at studio.urban@gmail.com. Please feel free to send announcements and any type of information that you would like to see here. You are most welcome to suggest any correction or modification to our existing content.

Welcome to Philly Food Justice – a web portal and online knowledgebase focusing on topics that are broadly related to the local food system in Philadelphia and its metro region. In particular, you will find information on Philadelphia’s hunger and community food insecurity issues, urban agriculture movement, food-based community development initiatives, and food-related education and outreach activities. As the portal will develop further, it will present all of this information from a “Food Justice” framework. The concept of Food Justice goes beyond the idea of Community Food Security.

“Community food security is a condition in which all community residents obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice.”  – Mike Hamm and Anne Bellows (i)

Food justice work goes deeper than this definition implies. Food justice work requires us to question why food insecurity currently exists. We must examine the historical, social, and economic inequalities that cause wide spread food insecurity, locally and globally. (ii)

“Food security is more about analyzing problems, ameliorating issues and providing answers … Food Justice … involves local people from seed to sale. It educates, organizes and mobilizes new social relations around food. It touches hands, hearts and pockets.” – Ian Marvy, co-director of Added Value, Brooklyn, NY

The most dynamic section of this web portal is the Posts. Online posts (or mini-blogs) are categorized into Announcement, Funding Opportunity, News, etc. Besides, this portal has the following sections:

Hunger Relief: Briefly discusses poverty, hunger, and food insecurity in Philadelphia metro region. It also presents maps of local food pantries, web links of hunger relief organizations, and information on emergency food help.

Local Food: Provides an introduction to Philadelphia’s urban agriculture movement and presents web links and/or maps of community gardens, urban farms, farmer’s markets, and CSAs.

Community Outreach: Provides web links to Philadelphia’s Third Sector Organizations that have community outreach programs related to hunger, food insecurity, food production, and food related training and education. It includes community development corporations, educational institutions, and other non-profit and grassroots organizations.

Research: Provides a list of research studies and projects, book chapters, and journal articles. These readings specifically focus on Philadelphia’s food insecurity and food system.

Resources: Provides web links to resources that go beyond Philadelphia’s spatial extent. Examples include nationwide food system assessment reports and Philadelphia’s healthy food network.

Videos: A series of videos on Philadelphia’s community gardens, urban farms, community building, and the local food justice movement.

Photo Courtesy: Brad Larrison, Fairhill Burial Ground Community Garden (top banner), Temple Community Garden

(i) Community Food Security Coalition
(ii) Earthworks Urban Farm



  1. Hi: many thanks for getting the time of creating up this details. I always make an attempt to further my comprehension of matters. Irrespective of whether I consent or disagree, I like facts. I consider the olden days if the only supply of data was the library or the newspaper. They equally seem so old. : )

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