Posted by: MM | November 6, 2014

Survey Report Available Now – Community Capacity Building of Philadelphia’s Nonprofit Organizations

Community Capacity Building of Philadelphia’s Nonprofit Organizations

This brief report presents the result of an online survey that was conducted in 2012 as part of a research study titled “Food Justice in Post-Industrial US Cities: The Role of Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs)”. The study examined NPO interventions in addressing the issues of community food insecurity and vulnerability within the context of the City of Philadelphia. Its primary purpose was to analyze NPOs and their food-related programs and events that are tied with community development and community capacity building efforts, i.e., providing healthy food access, supporting local food systems, promoting food justice, developing organizational networks, building community capacity, and offering education, training, and jobs. The survey was focused on private NPOs, such as community-based or grassroots organizations (with or without formal 501(c)(3) status) and community development corporations, that offered or participated in any food-related programs and served constituencies of varied scales, such as a neighborhood, city, or region. Smaller grassroots organizations that were known for single food-centric programs such as community gardens were also included in this study. Other NPOs such as educational or religious institutions and foundations were excluded.

Click here to view/download the brief report



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