Posted by: MM | July 25, 2013


Design ideas generated by 20 students of Temple University’s Department of Community and Regional Planning in Spring 2013.The primary objective of this project was to design an urban farm for the purpose of food production and community education. The client – Urban Tree Connection (UTC) – is in the process of setting up an urban producer’s cooperative in Philadelphia, and this site will be an addition to a number of existing UTC sites. Currently UTC has a few USDA grants to help develop farm sites but not much financial support to integrate other design. UTC is hoping to use the plans and accompanying visuals, as produced by the students, to raise funds for the construction of this project. The class project was done in five groups, four students in each group. Within five weeks, students visited the site, talked to the client, brainstormed design ideas in class, and then proposed some design ideas. This report is a compilation of those proposals. Each of these proposals has positive merits, as well as limitations. All of the submissions are included in this report so that UTC could see the varieties of ideas produced by these students, either feasible or not.

Here is the full report >>

 VisualizationClass Discussion


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