Posted by: MM | July 25, 2013

A Survey of Philadelphia’s Farmers’ Market Customers (2012)

In Fall 2012, an 18-question online survey was distributed to Philadelphia’s farmers’ market customers. The survey was co-administered by Farm to City, a mission-driven small business that operates a number of farmers’ markets in Philadelphia, and Mahbubur Meenar, a Temple University researcher at the Center for Sustainable Communities. Based on 209 valid responses, here are some of the key findings:

  • The vast majority of respondents (75%) walked at least some distance to visit a farmers’ market, with the next most-used modes being a personal automobile and bicycle.
  • The majority of respondents reported visiting a farmers’ market at least twice a month, with 39% visiting the market weekly and 31% visiting biweekly.
  • The majority of respondents did not prefer to commute more than a mile to shop from a farmers’ market.
  • The most common way that someone initially discovered a farmers’ market was by physically passing by the market one day.
  • A large percentage of respondents (85%) rated their farmers’ market as having “Produce…of higher quality”
  • About 45% reported that the produce was of a higher price at the farmers’ market while 39% found the prices to be the same price.

Read the full report here >>

Farmers' Market Customers


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