Posted by: MM | September 2, 2012

Basics on zoning, licensing, and permitting – growing and selling food in Philly

The Garden Justice Legal Initiative of Philadelphia has produced and distributed a very timely and informative document on zoning, licensing, and permitting, related to growing and selling food in the city. The document is a product of the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia (, with assistance from the Philadelphia Dept. of Health, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, City Planning Commission, UPenn Environmental Law Project, Urban Agriculture Legal Resource Library, and Tulane City Center, Dept. of Licensing and Inspection.

As we all know, Philadelphia’s new Zoning Code recognizes Urban Agriculture as a potential land use category. The new law recognizes four types of urban agriculture: community gardens, market or community supported farms, horticulture nurseries and greenhouses, and animal husbandry. Read the document to learn the zoning requirements for community gardens or market farms. The document also summarizes the new laws and regulations for growing and selling food in Philadelphia and a rough checklist for gardeners seeking to comply with local laws.

The pdf document will be found here, from pilcop web site. 


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