Posted by: MM | April 12, 2012

Food Justice from the Ground Up: Stories of Change

“A just and healthy food system isn’t going to manifest out of the halls of Congress. The food justice movement needs support up and down the food chain—farmers, grocers, farm workers, writers, activists, parents, children, eaters. Stories are some of the most powerful tools that we have to create this change.”

Enjoy the stories of Food and Community Fellows
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Here are some highlights:

Brahm Ahmadi, Social Entrepreneur, talks about his vision of creating a hub for good food and strong community in Oakland.

Cheryl Danley, Food and Resource Economist, talks about the power of diversity in the food movement and creating true engagement around good food.

Jenga Mwendo, New Orleans Community Organizer, discusses how she is using gardens and growing food to build community and strong neighborhoods as she works to revitalize New Orleans, post-Katrina.

Kandace Vallejo, Youth Organizer, talks about the power of food justice in growing strong youth leaders.

Raj Patel, Writer and Activist, uses a global lens to connect the dots between history, science, culture and social movements working against injustices like hunger and poverty.

Malik Yakini, Detroit Food Justice Activist, talks about self-determination and food sovereignty and how they can create food and economic security for Black Americans in Detroit and beyond.


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