Posted by: MM | February 13, 2012

Vancouver Plans a Farm Atop a Parking Garage

Valcent photo“… In downtown Vancouver, B.C., a parking garage will host a high-density “VertiCrop” farming structure, the first in North America. Valcent Products has signed an agreement with the garage owners to build the 6,000-square-foot vertical farm, which will feature 12-foot-high stacks of growing trays on motorized conveyors that will ferry plants around to be watered, to catch the sun and, finally, to be harvested. The array will produce about the same amount of produce as 16 acres of California fields, according to Christopher Ng, chief operating officer of Valcent.

Ng says the patented technology was developed to grow food naturally in bustling urban environments and represents a paradigm shift in farming and food production — providing up to 20 times the yield of normal field crops, while using only 8% of the water typically required for soil farming…”

Read the story from Designing Healthy Communities website


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