Posted by: MM | February 13, 2012

TEDxManhat​tan Talks are Online

TEDxManhattan had an amazing turnout, with 350 people in the audience, 59 viewing parties around the country (even in France and Canada) and a total of 9,000 computers who watched the event. The talks are now all available online on the TEDxManhattan web page at or on the YouTube Channel.

Here are some highlights:
Stefani Bardin – Processed vs Unprocessed Food
Stephen Ritz – Green Bronx Machine – Growing our Way Into a New Economy
Wayne Pacelle – Animal Factories and the Abuse of Power
Paul Lightfoot – Brightfarms: A Produce Supply Chain Revolution
Frieda Lim – How to Cultivate a Logo
Cara Rosaen – Why Food Transparency Matters and How Can Help
Patty Cantrell – New Roads to New Markets
Kavita Shukla – Can a Simple Piece of Paper Change the Way We Eat?
Fred Kirschenmann – Soil: From Dirt to Lifeline

Check out photos on the TEDxManhattan Flicker page at

Based on an email by Diane Hatz, Curator/Host, TEDxManhattan


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