Posted by: MM | February 12, 2012

Urban chickens, chicken ordinances, and …

A happy hen (breed: Brahma) in a backyard in Nashville.“Cities throughout the United States and Canada are now reforming land-use and health policies to allow and even encourage urban agriculture as a moneymaking enterprise. Yet urban chicken keepers are finding that backyard hens remain controversial. While some urban areas, including Nashville, have loosened chicken restrictions after much debate, others have decided the city is no place for a henhouse….

Last month, officials in the Nashville area considered a new chicken ordinance allowing residents who pay a $25 annual permit fee to keep up to six hens, depending on yard space….

Backyard hens and attempts to control how they’re used and maintained are nothing new. Some cities were regulating poultry keeping even in the early 1900s. Today, a few urban areas like Seattle and  San Francisco have longstanding chicken-friendly policies….”

Read the article by Josie Garthwaite >>



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