Posted by: MM | December 13, 2011

SHARE’s high tunnels for year-round production of vegetables

Penn State helps build Philadelphia high tunnels“High tunnels have extended the growing season to year-round production of selected crops, have increased yields and improved the quality and shelf life of vegetables, small fruits and cut flowers, while reducing disease pressure and the need for pesticides.”

“The Department of Horticulture at Penn State University and Philadelphia County Cooperative Extension, through funding supplied by two USDA Specialty Crops Block Grants, is assisting with the purchase and/or construction of high tunnels. Hands-on training of the construction, production and operation of these high tunnels to produce vegetable crops for an extended season will be provided. The goal is to help eliminate the food deserts that exist in the city of Philadelphia and to provide fresh and nutritious vegetables and small fruits to the underserved populations.”

“Seven high tunnels have already been constructed in the city of Philadelphia. A second grant has allowed construction to begin on six additional high tunnels at the following sites.”

Read the story by Bill Lamont, published in Vegetables Growers News


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