Posted by: MM | October 26, 2011

Food Day, Carrotmob, and Philadelphia

food dayWhat is a carrotmob?
It’s nothing like a flash mob – it’s the opposite of a boycott. “Boycotts block shoppers from a particular business because the organizers disagree with the owner about something. A carrotmob aims to help a particular business grow because the organizers strongly approve of the way the owner operates.” On the national food day, “Woodall, 47, who is struggling to keep his two-year-old produce shop afloat in the fast-food vortex that is 62d and Ludlow [in Philadelphia], was grateful to be on the receiving end of the carrotmob’s attention. And proud to be part of a larger national effort.”

This is one of the many interesting events organized in Philadelphia on the national food day. The Department of Public Health, Fair Food, the Food Trust, Philabundance, SHARE, and a number of other organizations are hosting events from Oct 15 to 29(

Read Dianna Marder’s recent story on Philadelphia’s national food day celebration
The Philadelphia Inquirer – October 24, 2011


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