Posted by: MM | September 22, 2011

Why children’s hospitals tolerate McDonald’s

Why childrens' hospitals tolerate McDonald's“There’s a childhood obesity epidemic, yet top medical centers welcome fast-food restaurants. Why? Follow the money”

“At a time when more than one-third of American children are obese and type II diabetes is rampant, it’s hard to imagine why children’s hospitals — especially some of the very best — would put a McDonald’s front and center. But there’s a McDonald’s at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which U.S. News recently ranked alongside Children’s Hospital Boston as the No. 1 kids’ center in the country… Texas Children’s offers some pithy advice on how to order when you get in line at their McDonald’s — avoid the fries and don’t super-size. The silence — and advice like that — speaks volumes about just how uneasy these hospitals are about selling Big Macs and fries to kids with diabetes and other chronic illnesses.”

“… I wonder, for example, if some of these children’s hospitals would even exist if not for their relationships with corporations like McDonald’s and others paying rent and sharing profits. It’s impossible to know what might not have been, but nobody wants kids losing access to something as fundamental as healthcare. So we close our eyes, sign the contract, hand Ronald McDonald our soul, and let our patients eat their french fries with packets of fancy ketchup.”

Read the blog by pediatrician Rahul Parikh


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