Posted by: MM | September 22, 2011

Food Industry Pitted Against Public Health At U.N. Summit

A pizza from a Pizzomatic vending machine that bakes and sells pizzas in Germany. Public health advocates say the food industry needs to make concrete commitments to making healthier products to reduce chronic disease related to diet.“How do you come up with a plan to help millions of people around the world avoid a chronic disease? For starters, don’t treat the food companies that sell the products that contribute to those diseases as partners in the process….. This is all part of the conundrum of taking action at the first United Nations General Assembly session on non-communicable diseases…”

“So the question is: how do you partner with people who are part of your problem?… the U.N. doesn’t recognize the potential conflicts of interest in having food companies help set health policy…” – Shiriki Kumanyika, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania

“… several food and beverage companies, including PepsiCo, have voluntarily begun to reduce the sugar and sodium content and expand “healthy product” lines. PepsiCo last year also announced it would stop sales of its full-calorie soft drinks to primary and secondary schools around the world by 2012. And last month, McDonald’s overhauled its Happy Meal in response to complaints that it wasn’t nutritious enough…”

Read more from GPB News


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