Posted by: MM | September 8, 2011

CFSC’s 15th Annual Conference on Food Justice

Community Food Security Coalition‘s 15th Annual Conference:
November 4 – 8, 2011 in Oakland, California

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The conference offers 66 skill building and educational workshops, 20 networking sessions, and 5 large forums. Forums will bring together attendees to learn about and discuss a variety of topics.

Walmart and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Inherent Contradiction
Examine Walmart’s food and sustainability initiatives in the context of its business model, financial, and political strategies.

US Food Sovereignty Alliance
Learn about food sovereignty and the social movements putting it into practice on the ground and in policy, both in the US and globally.

People of Color Caucus AND Racism in the Food System Discussion
These two discussions will be facilitated by CFSC board members and will create a space for dialogue around race and the food system.

The Future of Comfood – a Planning Discussion
The Comfood email listserv has over 5000+ subscribers. Discuss how we can improve Comfood and potentially add new services.


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