Posted by: MM | September 8, 2011

17.2 million households last year had trouble putting food on the table

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participants, In millions (October 2007-June 2011)

FY 2011 data are preliminary; all data are subject to revision. Data Source: USDA, Food and Nutrition Service. Published in NPR.

“… According to the new data from the Department of Agriculture, about 17.2 million households last year had trouble putting food on the table — what it calls “food insecure.” And more than a third of those households had members who went hungry at some point during the year because they couldn’t afford enough to eat…”

“… Today, more than 45 million people get food stamps, or SNAP benefits, as they’re now called; that’s 1 in 7 Americans. Concannon (Agriculture Undersecretary) says children are among the main beneficiaries…”

“… Still, children in 386,000 households went hungry at some time during 2010…”

“… House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) told anti-poverty activists this summer that he’s concerned about reports he’s heard that SNAP is rife with fraud, and he says some changes are needed…”

“… Concannon says those reports aren’t true — that food stamp fraud is down substantially, and the agency is doing what it can to clamp down on any illegal sales. He hopes the new hunger figures will make the case that people need food aid now more than ever, as the economy continues to limp along…”

Read the story from NPR


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