Posted by: MM | August 18, 2011

The 9 Foods the U.S. Government Is Paying You to Eat

Farm Subsidy
“Most subsidies function as a form of so-called “farm income stabilization”. The Department of Agriculture sets a price floor for a given crop. If market prices rise above that level, farms sell on the open market. If prices fall below, the government reimburses farmers the difference between the market and the floor price for every unit grown — or not.”

Here is the list of food products the U.S. Department of Agriculture most heavily subsidizes (Yes, Beer is number 5).
1. Corn
2. Wheat
3. Soybeans
4. Rice
5. Beer
6. Milk
7. Beef
8. Peanut Butter
9. Sunflower Oil

Read the full story here


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